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First Cloud Consulting Wins Bid to Build
Innovative Business Management Tool for Colorado Concrete

CENTENNIAL, Colo., Apr. 2, 2016 — First Cloud Consulting, a leading Colorado IT consultancy, announces they have won a bid to build an innovative business management tool for Colorado Concrete Inc., a local and well known company to Colorado builders.

Many companies find it difficult to rationalize the development of custom software for managing internal business processes. First Cloud Consulting specializes in leveraging technology to increase business efficiency. Having a custom tool built around your specific workflow offers a significant long-term advantage because it directly increases your efficiency while avoiding any disruption to the business normally associated with changes required to integrate commercial tools.

“We are always excited to work with local growing businesses because we can relate,”  commented Chris Coleman, Founder and President of First Cloud Consulting. “Our solution will bring a high level of efficiency to Colorado Concrete and stimulate further growth. It also demonstrates to the community that our solutions can expand across numerous industry verticals – from retail to entertainment, advertising, media, and now construction as well. This market is one that we are anxious to get involved in, and we know that we have a lot to offer.”

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Founded in August 2014, First Cloud Consulting is a 100% veteran owned and operated AWS Advanced Consulting Partner that provides IT consulting and automation services to directly improve business efficiency. The company’s services include cloud consulting (architecture, migration, management), web-based application development, and ongoing strategic and technical advisory services, among others. Since its inception, the company has gained a national client base with an emphasis on driving IT strategy to facilitate broadcast and print media publishing companies among others. They are case and point an example of how leveraging technology to increase business efficiency can drive strong organic growth. For more information, visit:

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